RED Leaders visit Nanusci Spirulina Farm in Subic

750 340 Rising Era Dynasty

On a clear and sunny day, Rising Era Dynasty (RED) leaders trooped to Nanusci Spirulina Farm in Subic to experience and see for themselves the high quality of the products they pitch to consumers.

RED, as a fast-rising wellness advocate organization, is actively campaigning to educate people globally about the importance of wellness and the impact of Organic Farming as means to Restore, Enhance and Defend, the state of mother earth and the future of humankind. And, they
make sure to partner only with the best scientists, doctors, and manufacturers with a common goal of providing the people the safest and healthiest products there is for human consumption. Hence the birth of RED and Nanusci Inc. partnership.

Nanusci Inc. is a leader in producing, manufacturing and supplying natural products to healthcare professionals, multinational companies, both local and international, formulating natural healthcare solutions tailor-made to the needs of individuals, families, and communities. And NaNuSci, Inc. has its roots as the pioneer producer of the highest quality Spirulina Platensis microalgae in the Philippines, with their exclusive 79-hectare Spirulina farm located in Subic, under greenhouse technology. Spirulina, made from dried biomass of dark-blue-green algae, is completely natural and concentrated health food derived from a synthesis of Sunlight that gives a powerful, wide-ranging and diverse group of nutrients which may provide the body and brain with proper and balanced nutrition that may benefit the immune system.

The most important health benefits of Spirulina are the following:

  1. Detoxes heavy metals especially Arsenic.
  2. Lowers Blood Pressure
  3. Helps prevent Cancer
  4. Reduces Cholesterol thereby lowering the chance of stroke.
  5. Energy and memory boosting.

RED’s anchor product, the GoGreen, is part of the GO Essentials Triad, made from the biomass of superfood Spirulina, which went through Nanusci’s strict processing to ensure the highest possible safety, quality, and potency. And, the more than 40 RED leaders who saw in their own eyes how GoGreen is being produced, can now go out well-equipped, more confident and informed of their product’s potency and authenticity.